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The Traveler Tube Design Frames


Battle of the Boards Design Competition



This project was my group's submission into the 2024 Battle of the Boards Design Competition held by the MOMElove club at SCAD. Our goal was to design style frames for a 30-45 second long commercial for our local art supply store, Starlandia. We had to choose an item from a blind bag and incorporate it in our project as well which was a fun twist! We drew a watercolor tube, so I suggested to theme it all around watercolor. Our idea was to tell a story of a tube of watercolor that is perceived to be trash, but it fulfills a new life thanks to Starlandia. Since Starlandia sells new and slightly used art supplies at reduced costs, I felt like this would showcase what all the store was about. One's trash can be another's treasure. Drawings of all the watercolor tubes, logo style frame, and photo editing all done by me.

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